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The ParasytesMy, gramma, what big teeth you have...

          "Whether he's smiling or talking, remember that there are no human emotions behind his actions."                                            

  -Lefty Volume 08, page 69


Kill, eat, kill again, eat again. Ho hum, another day of brutal murder. Welcome to a Parasyte's life. Of course, not all of them are like that--though don't be mistaken, most would bite off your head when they tire of you in the most literal sense.

        What's a Parasyte?

A Parasyte is an organism that comandeers control of another creature's body by basically entering through the ear and eating that said creature's head. Parasytes start out as small spores, small enough, even, to fit in your hand. ^_^;; They are small, blind, weak and completely helpless in their grub form. Of course, they don't stay that way forever.

        They don't sound that dangerous! What's the fuss?

Remember what I said about eating an animal's (that includes human beings) head? Well, they consume and conquer and take the body for themselves. Essentially, they can pass through any security check in the world, because in addition to their ability to take control, Parasytes have shapeshifting abilities. They can look like any human, with any face in the world. Thankfully, those powers are limited basically to the base of the neck.  A Parasyte can only change what it inhabits.

        How do they fight, then? By looking weird?

Uhmmm...sort of. Sort of not. More like, they warp the head into blades which they use to cut each other and random humans up enough to kill. And, of course, since they're not inhibited by a permanent form, they can change themselves into anything. A key for a door, a shield against bullets, extra eyes. You name it.

        Oh, dear, this is sounding serious! Is there any way to kill one?

 Hammer away at the host. As Shin and Lefty discover, the weakest chain in the Parasyte link is the human host. Remember, their invulnerable properties don't extend throughout the entire body, and if they go without a host for more than a few minutes....kaput. And more importantly, remember that when a Parasyte kills something, it's dead. There is no trace of the person left. It may look like them, act like them, but it's not them.

Parasytes are not human.

In fact, one may say they are ahuman. There is no shred of compassion within them, so sense of morals, and yet...and yet they strive to exist within our own society. So what exactly is a Parasyte? This question hopfully will be answered with the conclusion of the series.


-Watch your back.-