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"Humans, so strange."

Book 05, page 57Lefty, or, as he's called in the Japanese version: "Migi"


    Lefty. What to say about Lefty? Well, first things first, he is also known as Migi, (literally, 'Righty' in Japanese.) and to call Lefty a 'he' is also a mistake.

Parasytes are sexless, emotionless, amoral beings who live to kill and eat and kill again.

    So it's perfectly natural for Shin, an innocent, gentle, slightly unpopular boy at a tender seventeen years of age to be absolutely thrilled to have one attached to his left arm. (And, yes, that's why he's 'Lefty'. Left arm. Ha-ha-ha. Of course, he's called Righty in the Japanese version because they've flipped the cells around.)

       Lefty a killer?

Hn. That's a tough one. First of all, for Lefty to kill he needs Shin's consent. An example of this would be when he attempts to slay Kuramori. Shin yanks his blades away and saves the Detective's life. While Lefty may kill, you must remember that there is no malice in it. He's not killing because he wants to, or because he hates his victims. Lefty is the ultimate logic machine. He's not hampered (or assisted) in his choices with morals and life for him is 'strictly business'. And that includes Shin.

                What's his relationship with Shin?

Another tough one. Is Lefty capable of friendship? He's stuck for life with Shin and so if they hated each other and constantly fought that life would be *extremely* short. However, the gap between merely co-operating with each other and true friendship is a large one. Shin and Lefty know of another human and Parasyte bond where the two are forced to work together, but it lacks the same flavor as Shin and Lefty's. Does this mean that as Shin becomes more and more Parasyte-like, that Lefty is also growing human-wards?

What's the result?

Could you imagine the power of a half-human, half-Parasyte?

Perhaps this power is what the other pure Parasytes fear, and their reason for trying to kill the two.


- Watch your back. -